Welcome to The Red Lady Loves
Here you will find an assortment of posts from someone who is amazed at all that Jesus Christ has done and is yet to do in my own life, the lives of others, and with the entire realm of all the heavens and earth.
You will also find some other things…
As I go through this life, I am very intrigued with the findings herein. This blog is a sort of recording of things of various sorts that come up along life’s journey:)
There are weekly vlog updates on matters of weekly observations, mentionable musings, little life lessons, health thoughts, Scriptural enlightenments, and current reading materials/writing goals.
There are also a few other topics that make their way into posts, including..
1) Creation: natural apothecary; favorite photos of gorgeous scenes
2) Creativity: poetry, books of interest, crafty ideas, music
2) Cookery: every kind of recipe under the sun…red lady style; note-worthy subheadings include raw, vegan, and gluten free ideas (HOWEVER: I have created a sister-site to make sure there is enough space and organization for all the many kitchen creationary ideas…so feel free to browse this site, but you are certainly welcome to hop over to my “official” recipe blog at drrabbitsrecipes.wordpress.com )
3) Creatures: funny and/or crazy pictures of all sorts of creatures… from silly rabbits (…Trix are for kids!) to funny things those human-creatures say and do…
I do hope you will find something of use or encouragement as you browse on through..whether it be a new recipe, health idea, or just something that puts a smile on your lovely face:)
Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy<3
Ciao for now

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