ADVENTURE TIME… in the kitchen:) Please feel free to search below for recipes using certain ingredients, or just browse my recipe collection if you would like 🙂 All recipes will be findable on the “Full Recipe Collection” page, and are (hopefully) in an organized format to make specific searching easy.

From there, I took some examples of specifically Raw Food, Vegan, and Gluten Free offerings, just to give you an idea that is guaranteed safe for specific diet preferences, though most recipes cross over in 2 if not 3 of the above listed dietary guidelines.

Also, there is a separate smoothie page, because I tend to make those a lot (like, every morning), and therefore began to have an incredible amount of recipes that just needed to be herded to one corner of some world. Hence, their own little personal space 🙂 

And also, there is a separate “Quick Concoctions” page, because as a person who is ever on the go, quick concoctions/easy snacks and meals are a frequent happening for me. But they often turn out uberly scrummmmmptious, so I feel the need to share them with your lovely self. So they are there, in there simple beauty:)

And one last note…here are some links to great recipes I’ve found online. Some are videos, some are just posts. But they’re awesome, either way!

– FullyRawKristina: Jelly Donuts!



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