Here is where I will be sharing stories, info, and research on all things natural health…

(For more detailed info on individual essential oils/overview of essential oils in general, please check out this link)

Essential Oils Info:

– Essential Oils in the Bible

Benefits of Various Herbs/Nutrients:

– Benefits of Moringa

– Benefits of Red Hibiscus

– Benefits of Raw Garlic

– Benefits of Paprika

– Benefits of Healthy Fats (for the brain)

– Benefits of Cocoa (Cacao)

– Brain Food: Something’s Fishy…

Benefits of Various Fruits/Vegetables:

– Benefits of Citrus (every part!)

Videos/Articles on Natural Health Topics:

– “Breaking the Food Seduction”, Dr Neal Barnard

– Experiment: Does Fruit Cause High Blood Sugar?

– Food Babe’s Healthy Habits

Other Health Topics:

 – Probiotics vs Prebiotics


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